Tom Hirt has spent over 35 years in the heavy equipment industry working with manufacturers and distributors. Tom started FSK back in 1993 but opened the throttle wide open in 2008 when he decided to dedicate full time to his consulting and used equipment management. Having traveled throughout North America and Europe during his career, Hirt has the background and understanding of all phases of equipment from how it is built to how it is used by the end customer. This has given FSK access to hundreds of companies throughout the world who have turned to us for help with their equipment needs.

FSK is a different type of company as we focus on solving our clients problems with the right piece of equipment, or helping them generate more value in the sale of their used machines. Our main focus is material handling machines, with a concentration in forestry equipment. But we can handle almost any type of equipment that our clients are seeking to buy or sell. The used marketplace can be dangerous, so being able to ask the right questions, and know the people you are dealing with is of great importance in securing the best results. Our knowledge of the equipment marketplace allows us to counsel our clients on the real value of the various used machines in the market while helping them navigate safely through the challenges of buying and selling their used equipment.

History has taught us that we must ‘earn’ our customers’ trust on every deal. And we can promise that even if you do not purchase or sell your machine through FSK, our involvement will help you find the best deal possible.

FSK: Serving the equipment industry since 1993.

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